Kilittaşı Schools

Keystone International Schools(KIS), established in 2013, pursues the Canadian educational and curriculum program. KIS is an accredited WASC school (Western Association of Colleges) and an official offshore school of the CICIC ( The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials). At KIT (Kilittaşı Schools), English and Turkish are the primary languages ​​that provide the best environment for dual citizen students. At the same time, French acquisition begins in preschool as a second language. English, acquired in a natural preschool environment, is later continued with the MEB (The Turkish Ministry of Education) and KIS programs in primary school. Our students experience the advantages of bilingual education based on the Keystone International school’s dual program in all areas of education. They mature with a global vision cultivated in a completely natural environment. In addition to the universal language mastery of our schools, our mission regarding “healthy nutrition” has enabled us to set a model for other schools in Turkey. Flexibility is of substantial significance, and at KIS schools, we take pride in ​​cultivating this value into our students’ prospective life skills. Our holistic approach is the most notable difference distinguishing Keystone Schools from other schools. Students at KIS acquire many essential values and profiles. Our students are mindful and learn to take care of their natural habitat. They are globally minded and flexible individuals who pursue a healthy lifestyle.  



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