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Kilittaşı Schools


Kilittaşı is a WASC accredited Round Square school, representing a worldwide network of 245 schools spanning 50 countries across six continents. Kilittaşı Schools, sharing similar values, collaborate to deliver exceptional programs and experiences aimed at nurturing global competence, character, and confidence in the next generation. Grounded in a commitment to character education and experiential learning, Round Square schools revolve around six key themes encapsulated in the acronym IDEALS: International Understanding, Democracy, Environmental Stewardship, Adventure, Leadership, and Service.

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Our parents say

My daughter joined the school this year in grade 2. We were living abroad for many years, and it was a big challenge for me to find a school for a smooth transition. I’m glad that I crossed paths with Kilittaşı. 

There is a strong sense of community/family. Very professional teachers and staff fully support students. All parents are kept up to date with solid communication, which creates a straightforward transition process. Well done to the Keystone and Kilittaşı team, and keep up this remarkable work. 

Seda Atakay

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