Kilittaşı Schools

Kilittaşı Schools was founded in 2012 by Keystone International School. Kilittaşı Schools fully embrace the diversity of colors, languages, religions, and races that Keystone International has. In pre-school, Kilittaşı Schools work with teachers whose native language is English, and the primary language in pre-school is English. From the age of 4, French is introduced as a second language. Students who learn to read and write in English in the kindergarten preparatory class begin primary school with a half-day Ministry of National Education program, learning to read and write in Turkish from their primary school teacher in the first grade. English continues to advance to the native language level with the other half-day Canadian education curriculum. By the 5th grade, students have acquired basic knowledge of French, and the 5th grade progresses as a French-oriented language class. By the end of the 5th grade, the aim is for students to speak French fluently in their daily lives. In the 5th grade, while the main language is French, Turkish continues as a second language with compulsory courses, along with English. From the 6th grade onwards, Turkish and English become the primary languages again, with French as a secondary language. Both Keystone and Kilittaşı have been accredited by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) since 2018. Additionally, Keystone and Kilittaşı are members of the Round Square school network, including prestigious schools worldwide. Turkish students with dual citizenship enroll in our Kilittaşı school because they cannot attend our Keystone school. Therefore, we have many students in Kilittaşı school who are dual citizens or who later became Turkish citizens.


“The game is preparation for life.” Karl Groos

“Art is the signature of civilization.” Beverly Sills



“We offer an education tailored for the youth of the digital world.”

“We are proudly bidding farewell to this chapter of life.”