Canada Online High School

Keystone International Schools Online offers Turkish High School students the opportunity to obtain a Canadian High School Diploma while attending school or simply by studying at home, no matter which city they live in. Canada – Ontario High school curriculum consists of a credit system. From the moment the online education program is started, a student number is obtained from the Canadian Ontario Ministry of National Education and a student certificate can be obtained whenever needed. Every class of high school can be included in the education program, but we recommend that it be started in the 9th grade in order to gain the discipline required by the system. As one of the advantages of the program, high school senior Online Education students who want to apply to a university in Canada can apply like a Canadian student. Credits taken in the last 2 years of high school are taken as a basis at the time of application. When the application is accepted, students can start university in Canada without taking any exams.

Online High School Diploma Requirements

In order to have an Ontario High School diploma, students must meet the following requirements.

● The first requirement to have an Ontario high school diploma is to complete 30 credits.

● One of the conditions for high school students to graduate is to be successful in the English literacy exam.

● Finally, students are required to participate in 40 hours of voluntary community service. (For any social responsibility project at their location, 40 hours of work is sufficient.)

Completion of Credits

A student who enrolls in Keystone Online High School while attending any High School;

The student who started online education in the 9th grade; He takes a total of 4 credits from Keystone Online High School in 9th and 10th grades, and 8 total credits in 11th and 12th grades. Upon completion of the credits, he graduates with both his own school diploma and a Canadian High School Diploma. Keystone Online High School also enrolls in intermediate classes. For detailed information

A student who only enrolls in Keystone Online High School without attending any High School;

If for any reason (Young professional artists, athletes, conservatory students, etc.) does not take part in formal education, but prefers the privilege of having a Canadian High School diploma by only studying high school online; Graduates by completing 18 compulsory and 12 elective courses and 30 credits during high school education in 4 years. Keystone Online High School also enrolls in intermediate classes. For detailed information

*In order to enter the Online Education program in the 12th Grade, it is necessary to contact.

Keystone Online Education Experience


With the online program, the student has the opportunity to adjust the course hours according to himself. The student can finish the courses between 4 weeks and 6 months according to his own pace.


Our lessons are designed to maximize student participation. The content used in the courses is constantly renewed.


Our teachers provide online support and one-on-one interviews with students about the subjects they need in the lessons.


We measure our own success based on the success of our students, so we support them in all processes.

Be in the new world order with online high school education. Lift your limits and finally get a Canadian High School Diploma.