Western Association of Colleges and Schools

Keystone Schools completed the WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accreditation process in 2018, where its institutional quality will be confirmed on international platforms. When the WASC accreditation process is completed, Keystone Schools, which is considered “adequate for a full accreditation application”, is the only private school in Turkey that is internationally registered to have the same institutional standards as the world’s best universities such as UCLA, California State, CalTech, UC Berkeley and Stanford.

WASC, one of the six regional accreditation institutions authorized by the American government to evaluate and improve the education quality of schools, colleges and universities in the country, has included institutions in California, Hawaii and the Pacific states since 1962. WASC, which has started to receive applications from some higher education institutions outside the United States, can include only those institutions that have passed a difficult qualifying process in the candidacy status.

The accreditation process is carried out by a commission of independent experts, including experienced educators. In this process, it is known that a student-oriented education approach has been established in institutionalized universities and colleges in accordance with the principles of “good management, self-development and sustainability”.