Çamlıca – Principal of Primary and Middle Education

We live in a rapidly changing world right now. Those who pioneer and keep pace with this change will be able to easily catch up with the era. Therefore, it is necessary to get the right education in the right place. Our school has set out with the vision of inspiring the students to become independent, active, critical thinking, and flexible individuals equipped with universal values and problem-solving skills. I am happy to be working with the teaching staff who act with this sense of duty and lead the education of new generations. 

Ms. Payanda

Çamlica – Vice Principal

As a psychologist working closely with children for 12 years, I think that the school, where children are educated, should be a joyful place. In consideration of how we can teach our students in better quality within various approaches, we aim for them to learn and discover everything by playing, living, touching, experimenting, experiencing, happily, and with curiosity.

Given that each child’s potential is different and unique, starting from Kindergarten until graduation, we light the way for our students on this educational journey with a thematic approach in all disciplines and at all levels by upskilling their academic achievements and 21st-century skills within Kilittaşı values.

We believe that it is possible for individuals whose attitudes and values, as well as the knowledge, skills, and abilities ​​are highly advanced, to exist at the national and universal level in the future.

As happy education leaders who love their work and children, we enjoy being with our students in order to guide them on the most significant journeys of their lives. 

Ms. Günak


Dragos – Kindergarten Principal

The preschool years are the first steps into a child’s educational life. Good quality of education occurs when our children begin to get to know the outside world with their curiosity and eagerness for learning, enthusiasm for life, and the need to love and be loved. In the first step of their self-realization journey, they are shaped in the hands of conscious educators, gain depth based on human values and learn to trust (which can give confidence in the future). It should be an adventure where their creative skills are glorified, their life energies are supported, where they can explore, enjoy the learning experience, begin to understand the concept and importance of “friendship”, learn patience and respect, and have the opportunity to develop their communication skills, emotional control, and empathy skills. It is a magical process in which our little students, who are programmed to “stay in the moment”, transform every moment into beautiful memories in a controlled environment, where the strong foundations of their future experiences are laid. In my 11 years of active professional life, together with our teaching staff who share the same values ​​as me, the benevolent power that has increased my love for the profession is being able to witness the development of our students, contribute to them, and see the light in their eyes when they are proud of themselves when they achieve something new.


Psy. Ms. Çatalay