Çamlıca – Principal of Primary and Middle Education

Schools Principal: Tuba AKSOY PEHLİVAN

Dear parents and students, Our teachers, staff, and I appreciate the opportunity to share your educational experience. Teaching has always been a passion for me. It has brought me joy and fulfillment throughout my 21 years in education. As teachers, we can connect with children and guide them to become self-sufficient and happy individuals who will help better our world. Education is “the changes in knowledge, skills, and understanding acquired so that individuals can survive and take place in society.” However, I believe that changing human understanding is a direct intervention in human nature. Therefore, education for me starts with respecting human nature and discovering and unlocking the potential in the human self. I act with this understanding in my adventure that I started 21 years ago as an English teacher and in my journey that I continue as an education leader today. I am at Keystone Schools to lead a team that respects human nature, internalizes 21st-century skills, and can inspire students to become independent, active, critical thinkers and problem-solving individuals equipped with universal values. Keystone is a real school that educates the new architects of the new world.

Çamlica – Vice Principal Fersun Günak

Dear students and parents,
It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the new school year! This is my 5th year as part of the Keystone family as a vice
principal. Just a quick word about me; After completing my Psychology education in 2006 and then my Applied Psychology master’s degree in 2010 at Istanbul Commerce University, I worked with supervision of the Turkey Delegate of the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children for 2 years. I have applied intellectual ability and IQ tests, which is my competence, to 700 and more children, and I continue to do so.

I have completed my specialist training in my field such as psychodrama, play therapy, experiential play therapy, mindfulness for children, attention development, child and adolescent psychopathology. My aim is for our children who think, produce, express what they produce, have the responsibilities of being individuals in the light of science, research, implement what they have learned, know how to reflect their own light around them by sharing their knowledge and experiences, and respect differences; To contribute to the continuity of their development by supporting their learning by living, having fun, researching and discovering, without bending or pushing them. I am proud to be a part of Keystone Schools, whose philosophy and vision I was able to combine my goals with. I am always here to support our students and the parents. Please feel free to contact me anytime:
Looking forward to meeting you!

Dragos – Kindergarten Principal – Büşra Çatalay

Dear Keystone Family,

During the kindergarten years, which is the first step of educational life, education is when our children begin to get to know the outside world with their curiosity for learning, enthusiasm for life, and the need to love and be loved, in the first step of their self- realization journey, they are shaped in the hands of conscious educators, gain depth on the basis of human values, learn to trust (which can give confidence in the future). It should be an adventure where their creativity skills are glorified, their life energies are supported, they can explore, enjoy the learning experience, begin to understand the concept of “friendship” and its importance, learn patience and respect, and have the opportunity to develop their communication skills, emotion control and empathy skills.

It is a magical process in which our little students, who are programmed to “stay in moment”, transform every moment into beautiful memories in a controlled environment, where the strong foundations of their future experiences are laid. In my 15 years of active professional life (Over the past 15 years, I have worked as psychologist, counselor and administrator. I completed my master degree 14 years ago. All along the way, I enjoyed working with children and volunteered in various programs when I had the opportunity. ), the driving force that makes me enjoy my love of profession and being an education leader is being able to witness the development of our education team, who share the same values ​​as me, to be able to contribute, and to see the light in their eyes when they are proud of themselves when they achieve something new.
S. Psy. Büşra GÖKÇEN

Vice Principal – Erin Çolak

Hello to All Students and Parents,

My name is Erin, and I am very excited to join the Keystone Schools team this year. I believe that a fun, safe and trusting environment is crucial for students to gain the most out of their education, and I will strive my best to help provide this for you. A little about myself; I am from Australia, I have been an educator for the last 16 years teaching in Australia, Qatar, America, and have settled in Turkey now with my family. I love anything to do with the outdoors, but my favorites are hiking, adventure sports and basketball. Cooking is my biggest passion, experimenting with flavors and trying to recreate dishes from all over the world. Children are our future, and it is our responsibility as educators to guide, support and encourage our students towards their best future. Each one is individual with different interests, strengths, weaknesses and learning styles. We strive to nurture these traits and assist each of our students though their education journey. As an educator, it is my belief that communication between a students school and home life is very important. Therefore, please feel free to contact me any time on my email

Erin Çolak

Vice Principal

Keystone International Schools