Kindergarten Spirit Days

School concept days are a team effort. These special days include various events and activities that bring the school community together. School concept weeks consist of exciting activities involving various subjects, they are activities to raise awareness about any subject. Concept days strengthen children’s self-confidence. This mindset creates a positive learning environment for students. It also has a positive effect on children’s morale and performance; It has the feature of celebrating achievements and increasing togetherness. Concept days make the school environment more cheerful.

Date Spirit Day
October Halloween
November Crazy Hair Day
December Fancy Dress Day
January Movie Character Day
February International Love Day
March Dress Blue to Save Water Day
April International Children’s Day
May International Sports Day
June Water Fight Day

We enjoy being a child during the most enjoyable and fun days of school.

Our students come to our school with clothes suitable for the meaning of the day to our traditional “New Year” party.

Families, students, teachers and administrators come to the traditional “Halloween” party in clothes suitable for the day.

The main idea of all the parties we hold at school is to bring the creativity of children and families together.

The student involved in the Social Responsibility Project is proud of it.