Toronto Keystone International High School

Our Toronto Keystone High School was opened in 2017 in the center of Toronto, the financial city of Canada. 9-12 in our school. Many international and Canadian students from grades continue their education. According to the academic approach of Keystone Toronto, which implements the Ontario Province calendar, students are provided with flexible, subject-oriented and project-based education. According to the student’s ability and success, a student-specific academic program is created. Students who graduate from our school with an Ontario high school diploma have the chance to be placed in universities that are suitable for them by recognizing a wide variety of career options with the support of our instructors and the activities our school organizes throughout the year.

In 2019, in addition to formal education, Toronto – KIS (Keystone International Schools) opened its online school. Wherever you are in the world, you can continue with any high school or just continue with the KIS online school. You can graduate with a Canadian KIS Online diploma when you graduate. In addition, high school students studying in Turkey can easily participate in this program. With the KIS online training program; In addition to having a Turkish High School Diploma, students have the world-renowned Canadian Ontario High School Diploma (OSSD). OSSD diploma, which is valid in many countries of the world, increases the chance of starting university education.

Why Canadian Keystone?

An academic program is created specific to the student’s ability and success.
Located in the center of Toronto, the school is easily accessible.
Flexible, subject-oriented and project-based training is seen.
Education starts in two different periods in September and January.
With the support of the school, the student recognizes various career/department options and applies to university programs suitable for him.