Round Square

Round Square was founded by Kurt Hahn in 1966, for educational purposes, and has built its school life on six building blocks divided into Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service. It is a school association of 200 schools in 50 countries around the world that enables member schools to collaborate and collaborate while developing these fundamental understandings in students.

The products of these studies and cooperation are reflected in the daily life of Keystone Schools both in the curriculum and outside the classroom.

Keystone Schools was accepted to the Round Square candidate membership in 2019 and earned the right to become a global member of the same organization in 2020.

Being part of the Round Square Organization offers us different opportunities such as teacher and student exchange programs, sharing good practices, accessing the resource library and taking an active role in service projects.

Our students attended the Round Square Virtual Conferences with 300 international students and took part in various cooperation projects. Our debate team took an active part in the Round Square Global Debate 2021. Our students, parents and teachers donated their steps to SMA-DER as part of our New Year’s competition. In addition to these, we also launched the student virtual exchange program.

In the past years, our students attended the Round Square International Conference in India. They participated in the Eurasia Marathon for the benefit of the Tohum Autism Foundation and undertook the sales of the products of the same foundation. They organized a bottle cap collection campaign to support the Turkish Spinal Cord Paralysis Association. With our ‘Giving Train’ campaign, we collected donations to meet the clothing needs of students studying at our sister school. They provided stationery aid to students for another school in Kars.