Primary School Nutrition

Our school attaches great importance to the development of healthy nutrition and eating habits in the period when lifelong behaviors of our students, who are in the age of growth and development, are largely shaped.

Starting from primary school, our children take the responsibility of preparing healthy snacks themselves and bringing them to school, and thus they are taught that healthy eating is a choice and their own responsibility.

There is no canteen in our school consciously and it is forbidden to consume and bring all kinds of packaged food to school. Our parents are reminded of seasonal products on our menus and various snack ideas are given.

Ketchup, mayonnaise, chicken and chicken broth, ready meat broth, ready sauce, corn, frozen foods and canned food are strictly not used in our meals and on our tables. We use olive oil and butter as oil. Especially not applying the known mistakes in nutrition at school provides great comfort for our parents who eat healthy at home. We happily detect that our children, who eat differently at home, initiate positive changes in their homes as well.

We try to cook with minimum waste by using everything in moderation and in season, and we try to teach our children not to be indifferent to the problem of hunger in the world.

In Keystone Schools, meals are eaten in a pleasant and colorful environment, and even our youngest children remove plates, glasses, etc. from the table, thus teaching both the social and etiquette of eating.

We eat healthy, we grow up healthy.