Primary School Excursions

We had fun during our Miniatürk trip, and we looked at our country from a different perspective.

We discovered the secrets of space for 3 days and 3 nights in Izmir Space Camp.

We both had fun and experienced the depths of space with various simulations at Izmir Space camp.

In order to make education and training more effective at the SEE, planned trips based on examination and observation are made throughout the year.

Excursions are part of the school program and besides having fun, these trips are intended to contribute to learning.

excursions; It aims to make changes in the environment and routines that are linked to the curriculum, provide students with a new and different learning experience, motivate students for lifelong learning, increase students’ interest and motivation. The excursions are based on the principle that students can enjoy the physical environment of the place visited and support the socialization process.

At the BAC team dog training center, we listened and experienced the training adventures of our loyal friends, accompanied by expert training.

Every journey is a door to a new adventure for us.

In the traditional school camp, we harmonized with nature with our families.