Parents Comments

Berivan Mine Ferahoğlu

We would like to thank you, your colleagues and the Kilittaşı School for your on going efforts to make life for our children happier during this Pandemic time with your online programs.

The diversity, fun and teaching style is bringing fun and at the same time knowledge to our kids daily life and helps us parents to plan their day in advance through your weekly information emails with each days program well organized with group and single sessions! Well done! Leila & Farshad

We met Sema Kızılkaya, the founder of our school, when my daughter was 2.5 years old. At that time, he was a director of another International kindergarten. When we went to the school to enroll, we had a very comfortable meeting with him. We were so at the beginning of the road that at the end of our conversation about how to raise a good individual, my wife and I connected to her with love and trust that day. One year after that, he founded his own school, Keystone International -School, and then opened Keystone Schools. We stayed in the kindergarten we attended for 1 more year and moved to Keystone kindergarten the next year. Our daughter is now in her 5th grade on the Keystone/Keystone journey that we started when she was 5 years old…. We are very happy to be a part of the Keystone family for 7 years. If you say why we are in Keystone schools; Our school is a school that raises world citizens who are far from the standard student profile, who can express themselves easily, who are self-confident, who always research and question. And that hasn’t changed since we started Keystone in 2011. It is no longer about memorization and exams. It is an era where people can not go to school, graduate from home online from wherever they want and have the diploma they want. There is no exam anxiety and rote-based education in our school. Everything is learned by trying and experiencing. I am 100% sure that no matter where our children build their lives in the world, they will not be a stranger in the places they will be. Because they have been in a multilingual and multicultural environment since kindergarten. In short, I would like families who do not want to raise a single type of person whose children are rote learning and exam-oriented, to meet our school, which raises visionary children who can speak 2 mother tongues (Turkish and English) and French as an additional language. Aylin Ozcan

While supporting the development of your children, Keystone is an institution that teaches foreign language education in a normal environment by exposing children to language, not as a lesson, but in the flow of daily life. Classes are at home, teachers are warm. Children have a say. It is important that all children are included in the program in special day celebrations. The love nest that I have sent my two children from the age of 3 and 4. My children have such a beautiful bond of love with their teachers that when I think about my own school experience, I say how lucky they are to come across such a school and teachers. We continue our school, which we started with Kindergarten, in primary school, as an environment where they learn through games and grow up with self-confidence and love. My son, who is in the 1st grade of primary school, has learned to read and write in both English and Turkish. I would like to thank all our teachers who feed their imagination by reading various books, support the taught knowledge with activities and games, raise self-confident happy children and give English with a wonderful accent.

Mehmet Alp & Mert’s mothers, Bestem Fettahoğlu

First of all, I have to share: Witnessing the experience of each teacher during the pandemic period increased our confidence in the school and made us extra happy. In our age, the combination of being licensed and talented is very important, we can see this in teachers and all of Keystone schools. I am extremely satisfied with the development and teachers of my 5-year-old daughter in every field, so we decided to transfer my eldest daughter, who is studying at another school, from that school to the Camlica campus this year. Both at school and in front of the screen, I can see from my child that all the teachers, especially our classroom teachers, are doing their best and that my child is progressing. I wish our school to be forever. Thanks for everything. Irmak Alemdar’s mother, Pınar Alemdar

We will be completing our 3rd year at the end of this semester as part of Kilittaşı Schools. It is an institution that touches the student in every sense and deals with each child individually, psychologically, developmentally and academically. Besides, the success in teaching English is outstanding. If the goal is the universal upbringing of the child, I highly recommend it. In the Turkish curriculum, on the other hand, I think that they give what needs to be given with love and care. Tanem’s mother, Gizem Doğru Erdem

My twins were 3 years old when they started.Kilittaşı Çiftehavuzlar Kindergarten , and now they are 6 years old. It has been an amazing learning journey for the past 3 years at this wonderful school. Both of my children were so lucky to have such amazing teachers and principal. Every single person at Kilittaşı Çiftehavuzlar Kindergarten are dedicated professionals who love what they are doing with great passion and love. Thank you for always making my kids feel special and loved. I am more than blessed as a parent to be a part of this awesome school. Can and Ela’s mother, Sezin Koçer Özkan

Alya has been a student at Kilittaşı Çiftehavuzlar since she was 3 years old. Her English has improved a lot, especially in her 3rd year. Our teachers are very attentive, everyone at the school, from our school principal Ayşe İsmailoğlu to our security guard, welcomes and approaches the children with love. My daughter runs to school, her happiness is very important to me as it is for all mothers. Raising happy and self-confident individuals is our first priority as a family. At this point, I would like to thank the Kilittaşı Çiftehavuzlar family. My daughter is happy and confident. The contribution of the school in this development was enormous. Sirin Yurtseven

From the first moment I saw the school, we were so warmed that I wanted to enroll my daughter immediately by changing her school at that moment. I felt that this school would be the very right decision for my daughter. Although it is our first year at the school, it is very enjoyable to experience that we are in the right place. Keystone Schools has been so good for my daughter that we are happily witnessing the incredible change in my daughter with her personal development, self-confidence and improvement in class success. The harmony between the management and the staff in the school is reflected to us a lot through the students. We would like to thank you, Kilittaşı family, for these beautiful feelings for us and for your positive impact on children. It is good that our paths crossed with this school. Ulgen Tunc

This is our first year at our school. First of all, I would like to thank the Kilittaşı family for the sincerity, interest, smiling face and love they have shown since the day we started school. Our daughter went to school every day with great pleasure and enthusiasm.
In these difficult days when the whole world is being tested by the virus epidemic, both our school management and our teachers are approaching our children with great sensitivity. I would like to thank our devoted teachers who showed endless compassion and understanding to our children and supported them with all their positive energy.

As parents, we are very happy to see that we have chosen a school that will build our child’s future on solid foundations and in the warmth of family. Thank you for everything… Ada’s mother, Attorney Didem Şencan