Our Values


Our vision is to inspire our students to become independent and globally-minded individuals equipped with 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, information-media-technology skills, and universal values.


Our mission is to provide our students with an international learning and social environment with a high-quality education within a student-centered approach where they can achieve educational excellence by discovering and developing their academic and social potential.


Kind; Kilittaşı students are sensitive and kind in terms of behavior, feelings, and thoughts towards other people, living creatures, and the environment.

Integrity: Kilittaşı students are truthful, honest, and honorable in all areas of life. They do what is right even when no one is watching.

Leader: Kilittaşı students take initiative when necessary and lead their community.

Inquiring: Kilittaşı students seek resources for purposive inquiry into subjects of global significance, social justice/compassion, and cultural diversity.

Tolerant: Kilittaşı students understand differences and respect the nature of the difference.

Talker/Communicator: Kilittaşı students express their feelings, thoughts, knowledge, and experiences in more than one language confidently and clearly by listening effectively.

Active: Kilittaşı students generate actions for change rooted in a rather meaningful, unique, and authentic manner.

Steady: Kilittaşı students’ words and actions are consistent.

Innovative: Kilittaşı students accept innovations, new ideas, and new experiences without prejudice.


● To create a quality school culture in the fields of education, innovation, and personal development,
● To create a supportive, healthy and safe learning and teaching environment,
● To provide enriched, well-rounded learning opportunities to students,
● To provide enhanced resources and facilities for the learning and teaching environment,
● To direct students to social, environmental, and intercultural activities,
● To maximize school development with the contributions of parents, local and international stakeholders.