Middle School Trips

In order to make education and training more effective for our secondary school students, planned, examination and observation-based trips are made throughout the year. All our excursions are linked to the curriculum. While experiencing a new and different learning experience, we adopt as a priority to increase the interest and motivation of our students in local and intercity trips. We aim to enable our students to experience what they have learned in their school life, with many trips such as the Turkey event of “Destination Imagination” (DI), the world’s largest organization of creativity, teamwork and solution development, inner city Istanbul Science Museum, Koç Museum. Our excursions are based on the principle that our students can enjoy the physical environment of the place visited and support the socialization process. Our school trips are created by taking into account the educational needs and developmental areas of the students and their developmental periods. Whether it’s multicultural life in Toronto or excursions into math and basic science in Edinburgh, the aim is to provide opportunities to brighten students’ horizons. All of our field trips are created to ensure that our students learn as much as possible while creating lifelong memories.

While the museum of mathematics opened our horizons, it changed our perspective on mathematics in a positive way.

We were here to practice the French language that we learned in the French language-oriented class in the 5th grade and to collect memories.

Abroad Trips

Toronto, Canada

Each year, our middle and high school students visit our Keystone Toronto Campus to attend classes with their Canadian classmates and experience the variety of cultural and sporting events in Toronto.

Paris, France

Our middle school students begin a learning adventure while learning French. They attend different workshops, visit museums and cultural venues, and discover vibrant culture and ancient history.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Science Festival is an event attended by prestigious schools around the world. Keystone students have the chance to participate in this event, which features hundreds of science and innovation-based exhibitions each year.

Munich, Germany

A trip to Amsterdam is a very effective experience in terms of education, observation and discovery.

Many of the experiences offered in the classroom are actually practiced by students in Mathematics and science museums. Instead of memorizing mathematics, symbols, equations or formulas, they absorb and experience the background of mathematics and science at the Mathematikum and Nemo Science Museum. While sharing their experiences on the subject, they relate the basic skills they have learned in school before.

Indore, India

We attend the Round Square International Conference every year as a member school. These events are held every year in different parts of the world. The last round of Round Square took place in India, where our students participated.

Sharing with students from more than 150 countries gave KIT students an important international experience.

Domestic Trips


We have the spirit of adventure. We are happy to go to the next level every time by pushing the limits.

We felt like astronauts with the experiences we had in Izmir Space Camp…