Middle School Counseling

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Service

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit in Keystone Schools; aims to develop and support children academically, socially and emotionally. Our school psychologists provide children with a suitable and safe environment in order to get to know themselves, express themselves, solve problems and discover their potential in accordance with their age and developmental level.

Focused studies:

Orientation process
Respect for Diversity
Efficient study and Time Management
Adolescent Education
Projective Scales
Social Skills Studies
Conflict Resolution Skills
Coping with Peer Pressure
Anger management
The above topics are systematically presented through group work from Grade 5 to Grade 8. Classroom teachers implement these lessons with our advisors every week.

For Children

The most important role of our guidance counselors is the evaluation and development of our students. For this reason, our guidance counselors observe students in the school environment and make individual and group counseling interventions when necessary; They prepare and conduct developmental and preventive counseling services focused on the development of our students.

For Families

It is important for our guidance counselors to communicate and cooperate with the parents and social circle of the students. Because guidance counselors have a clear view of the student’s needs when all information about the student is collected. Counselors can request an appointment with parents to discuss their child’s progress. These meetings are confidential.

Our middle school guidance counselors organize counseling sessions for parents to develop their parenting skills and improve their relationships with their children. Because creating a healthy environment in our school and outside of school for the benefit of the student is the main aim of our consultants.

For Teachers

Our consultants work with administrators and teachers. They hold regular meetings with principals to help identify and resolve student needs and problems. There are also meetings and presentations on various topics organized by consultants or guest speakers.

Message from the Guidance Service

Education whose foundations are laid in the family; It is a lifelong journey that develops and nurtures individuals socially, emotionally and academically together with school. In this journey, individual differences and personality formation are the most valuable building blocks that affect the lives of individuals. As the Keystone family guidance unit; Our most basic understanding is to accompany the educational adventures by raising individuals who are aware of differences, question, think critically, touch their emotions, and have high awareness. Psychologist Berna Gulsen