Kindergarten Trips

In order to internalize the education program, we reinforce what we learned at school with field trips.

We visited Kadıköy Fire Department with our students.

We learned what to do in an emergency.

We believe that the first way to raise individuals who can express themselves in the most accurate way in their social environment is to introduce these individuals to their social environment in childhood.

We organize environmental and cultural excursions for our KIT (Keystone Schools) kindergarten students as much as seasonal conditions allow. Excursions are part of the school program. In addition to having fun, we attach importance to the contribution of these trips to learning and the development of social skills.

Our children, who are raised as individuals who are more developed and open to development in social and cultural terms, will be much more successful in these areas in their future lives.

During our trips, our children get the chance to get to know their social environment and learn to express themselves.

During our visit to the Nature Museum, our children learned about the characteristics of birds.

Every trip is a question to be answered for us…