Kindergarten Guidance

Psychological counseling and guidance services in our school; These are the studies carried out by our psychological counselors so that students can get to know and understand themselves, discover and develop their characteristics, and make the most of the education and training process they are in. For us, the individual characteristics of our students, the recognition and development of these characteristics are very important. The following studies are carried out within the scope of Guidance Services:

• Parent interviews to get to know the students,

• Parent information studies,

• Observation and individual interviews to get to know the students,

• Planning and maintaining the orientation process in order to facilitate students’ adaptation to school,

• Class studies that support the social and emotional development of students,

• Consultancy activities for teachers and administrators.

The preschool period is the period when the child develops a sense of belonging to a place other than his home and family for the first time, assumes roles other than being the young child of his parents (such as a friend, student), and communicates with individuals other than family members. In this period, which is very important in terms of development, the child; It is very important to be supported in social and emotional processes such as adaptation, self-knowledge, recognizing emotions, communicating. Our psychological counselors monitor the development processes of our students, create records about these processes, and continue to work in cooperation with teachers and parents.

Messages from the Counseling Service

For me, the most important step in early learning is a safe and warm educational environment. The only thing I aimed at when I started my professional life was to witness the developmental adventures of children and their processes towards becoming individuals. I feel very lucky to be in the Kilittaşı schools that I have been working with for 4 years on this subject. As Keystone schools, our first priority is that the education we give to children is carried out in a family atmosphere.

Social-emotional development is the most important building block in preschool age children. As the keystone guidance unit; Our main goal is to raise children who are socially and emotionally competent, who have developed interpersonal problem-solving skills and empathy skills, and who take healthier and more confident steps into the future as successful, conscientious individuals. Ozlem Driver

I think that education is the detailed and close recognition of the personality traits, interests and abilities of the students by the educators who are experts in their fields, and taking the students to the highest level they can reach in the society by being properly supported. With this philosophy, Kilittaşı Schools guidance unit helps students to use their potential at the highest level by recognizing their abilities and characteristics, to express their feelings and thoughts comfortably, and to easily adapt to new environments and social activities. Supported by this philosophy, Keystone students step into the future as individuals who are at peace with themselves and the society, curious, do not hesitate to ask questions, love to go on an adventure, discover new things, struggle to achieve their goals, are open to cooperation and can make friends easily.