Istanbul Keystone International High School

Our students are active participants in the teaching and learning process. In this process, they are aware that learning is a lifelong journey as they develop both academically and socially. Our curriculum is tailored to meet the educational needs of international students. The aim is to encourage students to take action and become lifelong learners to lead a better and more enjoyable life with the advantages of the information age, these days when we receive the signals of the new world order. In addition, students are encouraged to participate actively in learning processes through projects and activities that combine education with real life. Fostering a love of learning by nurturing students’ natural curiosity is one of the key educational cornerstones of Keystone Schools. Extracurricular learning plays an important role in the development of students in school life and prepares them for the challenging experiences that await them in the future. We align our curriculum with field trips, guest speakers, presentations, trade shows, competitions, discussions, all school events. Outdoor walks, like public service projects, are included in the curriculum within the framework of “The Round Square Organization”, of which our school is a member.