Students' View

"Keystone helped me in different ways. It helped me realise what I can accomplish and I'm very thankful for that. Values like environmentalism, respect and teamwork are few of the reasons that makes this school special for me. Through Keystone I have developed skills that are important in life."


"Kilittaşı means happiness to me because it doesn't matter who you are or from where you are, people treat you well. Our teachers are the best teachers on earth. They put happiness and games into lessons. Everyone is doing their best to teach you and no matter what happens they are very kind to you. When I first came to this school, my friends accompanied to me to get familiarized with the school environment. They made me feel very happy because like for everyone new in a place I was shy and afraid. Thanks to my teachers and friends they made me feel like I'm at home. There are students from all over the world and they are being treated equally. I think, this is very important. There is no punishment or reward of your actions. If someone has a mistake, they talk to that person to help change the behaviour. If they were punishing there would be no chance to be better but be afraid of everything. There is no reward, it's also something good because if it was like that then people would start doing whatever they do just for the reward but not for kindness and being good. This school makes me feel happy, good, happier and at home. Thank you Kilittaşı schools!"


"Keystone and Kilittaşı mean friendship and kindness to me. We always have fun. All the teachers and students are really kind. You will never get bullied. I think everybody will like this school."